Self-Employed, Business Owner?

Are you feeling blocked in, unable to move your business forward, but not sure what is holding you back? Or maybe you have lost your focus, and your business is going where you wanted it.

Self-employment can for some, be a dream, for others a necessity. It may look very easy, with no alarm clocks, no one to answer to, flexibility with few or no boundaries. But the grim reality is… it’s all up to YOU.

All new business owners start with a belief that people will recognise a product or service to be amazing and that everyone will want or need it.  Setting up a business whether physical or online unfortunately, does not guarantee people arriving in droves, it is hard work. It takes perseverance, dedication, skill and sometimes even luck and many other things including for some self-doubt, tears, not to mention the sleepless nights. (see – no alarm clock needed)

For some, before long that dynamic individual, the one who was going to take on the world, make millions, help so many, find that dream is fading, and reality starts to set in. Working on your own, may be great, but who do you bounce ideas off in that solo staff meeting. Who gives you that extra push, that drive? And all those extra hours in the day, seem to fly past, how come they didn’t do that when you were working before?

Your confidence begins to disappear, not just in yourself, but possibly even your service or product.  You start blaming it on the weather, the political situation, time of year, your website, online presence and competition.

Then those dreaded mind monkeys really start multiplying, rather like Gremlins, and they don’t seem to turn off. (after all we have around 50,000 separate thoughts per day) You start checking out others online presence, their websites, their logos, their cards, their blogs… Then the self-doubt and lack of confidence really starts to kick in. Your precious time is spent feeding those mind monkeys whilst checking out the competition, when you could use that time on your own business.

Trouble is those pesky mind monkeys also have a knack of finding old unhelpful beliefs, which have been installed over your lifetime, courtesy of family, friendships, work and school etc. We manage to store those negative remarks, yet, I have noticed that many people are unable to accept compliments, brushing them off. Making us our own worst enemy, holding on to the negative remarks as opposed to the useful ones, which ultimately can set us up for possible failure.

We start looking for help, listening to online rags to riches stories, how to achieve that target. Even paying out for more information, for some time and time again, another conference, seminar, course or training. Some of course will be money well spent, they may find the answers, for others it doesn’t. It’s not because they don’t have a massive email funnel, a brilliant website, logo and of course product, idea or service. It’s more than that. It’s who you are, or who you are at this moment.

So, what makes us different, what enables some to score to amazing heights, some to fail, then jump straight back up. It’s those irritating mind monkeys. Some people just don’t have them, or some don’t even hear them. If you do, you need to deal with them… and fast. They multiply, quickly.

So, how can I help?

I help you locate those mind monkeys, which are not serving you any positive purpose. You may even know them, self-confidence, low self-esteem, fear, procrastination and many others. Using a psycho sensory technique, we can locate the original belief, then by activating delta waves in the brain, through touch, we can delink those memories, using a fast, effective permanent way of dealing with those unwanted installed thoughts and emotions. Used by people of all ages, walks of life, from people in the front line who have been affected by trauma, people who have experienced abuse, witnesses to a tragic event, grief, illness, sports personnel to enhance their performance, to you the self-employed business owner.

This technique is extremely beneficial to so many, if you and your business deserve to be the best, please give me a call or a message. Amanda 07807358708

I work in person in Worthing and Bosham, Sussex, and online without borders.